Our construction company is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. We offer a range of comprehensive architectural, technical, and construction services that extend over the entire project, from initial planning to final building of luxury homes, villas, and commercial spaces.

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Construction services

General Construction

Upsidevelopment is the company that handles every aspect of general construction -from project design, to implementation and completion of the construction work. We create luxurious houses and commercial spaces with a focus on aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability.

Architectural Design and Construction

When building a house, villa, or commercial space, it’s essential to have the experience required for specialized designs, and be able to implement the study and construction work. We focus on the quality throughout every stage of the architectural and building project, ensuring top-notch construction work and services.

Construction Management and Integrated Support

At Upsidevelopment, we offer integrated management and operations execution for the construction of houses and commercial buildings, providing our clients with construction management and support services. Based on our specialization in contstructions and flexible implementation, we ensure that each project is completed on time and within the budget.

Integrated Construction Services

As a specialized construction company, we understand that the requirements of each residential or commercial construction project are unique. That’s why we provide integrated construction services, covering everything from design to implementation and completion, to ensure the highest quality of construction work and services.

Bioclimatic Architecture

Upsidevelopment specializes in creating bioclimatic passive buildings, which we achieve by designing energy-efficient structures that incorporate renewable energy sources. Our eco-friendly buildings offer comfortable, thermal and visual conditions, as well as the infrastructure for passive heating and cooling systems.

Building Houses

We construct residential buildings from start to finish, handling everything from project study and design, to construction and technical implementation of houses and villas.

Building luxury Villas

We take care of everything, from finding the perfect plot of land, to designing and constructing a luxurious and comfortable villa, while keeping the environmental sustainability a priority.

Building Commercial Spaces

We focus on designing commercial spaces, constructing the project, and providing complete technical infrastructure installation.


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