1. Administrator
    • The Societe Anonyme under the trade name “UPSIDE DEVELOPMENT S.A.”, based in Peraia, Thessaloniki, at 6 Metamorfoseos street, with T.I.N. 801700993 and G.C.R.No.: 161761004000, hereinafter for the sake of brevity referred to as “The Company”.
  2. Field of application
    • The current terms of use apply only to the website www.upsidevelopment.com, as well as the Company’s pages on social media (Facebook, Instagram,YouTube),or where they are mutatis mutandis applicable.
    • The current terms of use may be modified without prior notification to the Customers. In each case, the modified terms will not apply retroactively
    • These terms and conditions apply both to Professionals (Legal or Natural persons) and Consumers, hereinafter for the sake of brevity referred to as “The Customers”.
  3. Website Purpose
    • The purpose of this website is the information of the public and potential customers of the Company for its services and projects, as well as the registration in the Company’s newsletter service for future offers and updates.
    • The Company is a construction Company that is operating in the field of construction, buying and selling and exploitation of properties with specialization in the construction of luxurious complex properties.
  4. Personal Data
    • Data Protection Policy
      • As reflected on the website (hyperlink to the data protection policy).
    • By filling out personal data on this website, you indicate that you have this natural person’s authorization to provide it to the Company.
  5. Intellectual Property rights
    • The content of this website (including texts, graphics, images, photographs and software) is the intellectual property of the
    • It is prohibited, in whole or in part, to republish and generally reproduce and retransmit the contents of the web site, storage, retransmission in electronic or mechanical or any other form, in the original or in a translation or other adaptation and modification of its form, content and appearance, without the written permission of the Company.
    • The display of the material on the Website should not in any way be construed as a transfer or grant of a license or right to use or exploit it.
  6. Intellectual Property of third parties
    • Trademarks, logos and third-party designs, owned by third parties remain their property and may not be used without the permission of their owners.
  7. Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)
    • The Company does not adopt opinions that are expressed on comments, posts or/and texts hosted on the Company’s accounts on social media.
      • The official accounts of the Company on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) are presented via hyperlink in the website.
    • Any trademark may be referred in posts on the Company’s pages on social media, remains property of its correspondent holder and does not imply the promotion, approval or proposition of the Company for him.
    • If you wish to exercise your rights in relation with posts on accounts held by the Administrator please contact via email or via direct message on the social media accounts.
  8. Service description – Projects – Technical information
    • Information and technical details provided via the website may be inaccurate.
    • The Company is not responsible for any difference between the available image and the actual technical characteristics of the projects. The photos and the designs included in this website do not always reflect the final form of the projects, that may be partially or in whole different.
    • For fees, timetables, accurate technical characteristics or information in relation with services or your needs, please contact the Company via the email address info@upsidevelopment.com or via the correspondent contact form in the website upsidevelopment.com or via telephone.
    • Services and projects descriptions that are hosted in the website do not bind the Company and are exclusively informative.
  9. Confidentiality
    • Please do not send via the contact form or via the social media accounts confidential information (personal or business).
    • In case that for creating an offer, the provision of confidential business information is required, please initially contact us via email or telephone.
  10. Jurisdiction
    • For any dispute arising from the application of the current terms, the Courts of Thessaloniki are competent.
  11. Applicable Law
    • The Greek Law shall be applicable.