Building Luxury Homes: Myrivili Street Residential Complex in Thermi, Thessaloniki, Greece

Upsidevelopment construction company designed and built a large-scale construction project in Thermi, Thessaloniki, which involved creating a complex of luxury homes on Myrivili Street. The goal was to provide tenants with a comfortable, luxurious, and high-quality living experience, making it a valuable investment choice for those looking for their ideal property.

Upon completion of the project study and architectural design of the residences, we continued by shaping the building plot with a focus on preserving the form, identity, and bioclimatic features of the semi-urban surroundings.

The building plot for the construction of the luxury residential complex was terraformed and finalized by implementing the architectural plans for three separate self-contained buildings. The approach to building the residences emphasized the provision of diverse housing options. As a result, the first two buildings have two studio apartments on the ground floor, two 3-bedroom apartments on the first floor, and two more 3-bedroom apartments on the second floor. Additionally, each of these two buildings also incorporates an independent two-story residence, designed as a villa, with a swimming pool and roof-garden. The third building in the residential complex consists of one studio apartment on the ground floor, two 2-bedroom apartments on the first floor, and two more 2-bedroom apartments on the second floor.

The design and construction of the luxury residences prioritized sustainability and bioclimatic identity, with careful consideration given to both the architecture and selection of construction materials. The residences are surrounded by green spaces, and the layout of the exterior and communal areas was planned to maximize functionality, autonomy, and convenience for all tenants.




Thermi | Thessaloniki | Greece


Myrivili Street Residential Complex


Architectural Design, Structural Design, MEP Design, Energy & Sustainability, Construction Management, Land Development


Luxury residential complexes


3.290 m2


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